2015 Gluten Free Expo & Conference

The Gluten Free Expo, is owned and run by Coeliac Victoria and Tasmania Inc. who marked their 40th anniversary this year. Held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on October 10th and 11th, the expo was an opportunity to learn more information from speakers, sample and purchase the wide variety of gluten free food on offer.

World-renowned experts such as Dr Sue Shepherd, Dr Evan Newnham, Dr Rupert Hinds, Assoc Prof Don Cameron, Dr Jason Tye-Din and Susie Burrell, presented the latest research and information on Coeliac Disease.

This year, volunteer dietitians from The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) were present to promote best practice, evidence-based dietary expertise.

A gluten free diet is expensive, time consuming, restrictive and can be nutritionally inadequate. It is important to confirm that the individual has undergone appropriate diagnosis to confirm Coeliac Disease, so they will benefit from following a gluten free diet.

Following confirmation, a medical or self-referral to an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) can help an individual with Coeliac Disease to;

  • Manage their condition and maintain a gluten free diet,
  • Ensure nutritional requirements are met for adequate growth (especially for children/teenagers),
  • Ensure nutrition targets for vitamins (A, thiamine, folate), minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium) and other key nutrients (fibre) are met, which may be affected if taking a gluten free diet,
  • Teach on how to read food labels when shopping and choose the best options when eating out.

If you have newly diagnosed Coeliac Disease or wish to discuss your individual dietary needs, you are encouraged to see a specialist dietitian. To find one in your local area go to www.daa.asn.au or call 1800 812 942 toll free. ADVANCED Nutrition is located in Ballarat and specialises in nutrition counselling.

Yours in good health, ADVANCED Nutrition.

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