Obesity Vs. Sustainability: The Royal Mail Hotel Leading By Example

Did you know that 1.9 billion people on this planet, wake up each day overweight and half a billion wake up obese? 

Why are we eating to excess?  Overweight and obesity impact on us physically, mentally and socially. In a broader context it adds further financial burden to a strained healthcare system and demands more of agricultural practice, affecting the sustainability and climate of our beautiful earth.

In our fast paced world have we lost touch with the origins of our food and our ability to prepare it? It’s not often when eating a chocolate bar that we stop to appreciate how long it took to grow the cacao beans to create it. Nor do we contemplate that roughly 1,750 litres of water is used to make one 113 gram beef burger, before we chow down on takeaway. We are taking our food system for granted.


In DUNKELD, Victoria, you will find The Royal Mail Hotel.

This gem nestled at the tip of the Grampians National Park was established in 1855, and continues to be a property with a well-respected reputation. Having recently had the pleasure of staying in a bluestone cottage, I was instantly relaxed by the kangaroos bounding by the back door and the striking sunrise bathing Mt. Sturgeon.

However, it is not just the property and its surrounds that impress. As a winner of two coveted chef’s hats (The Age Good Food Guide 2016), The Royal Mail Hotel prides themselves on their culinary offerings and comprehensive wine cellar. Dishes are highly considered, attractive and best of all, created from their very own organic garden. It is evident the respect they maintain for the food, all the way from their own paddock to plate.


  • At over one hectare, it is the largest working restaurant kitchen garden in Australia.
  • In the garden there are more than 400 varieties of edible plants, currently providing up to 80% of the produce found on the dining room menu.
  • Now The Royal Mail Hotel is growing its own beef and lamb and focuses on menus around the whole animal to aim for a high level of self-sufficiency and flavour.


The Royal Mail Hotel appreciates all facets of the food journey. As a society we need to become more aware of the source of our food.  Appreciate the art of growing. Take pleasure in the harvesting. Be inspired with the preparation. And then, once that is all done… bring together friends and family and truly enjoy the fruits of our labour.


Whitney Atkinson


ADVANCED Nutrition

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